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I blew up a a piece of ceramic, how do I get glaze out of the wall and off the element?

  1. Dig it out of the wall carefully.
  2. Use safety glasses and a dremel to carefully grind the glaze off the

Will working on your kiln void the warranty?

The short answer is no - working on your kiln will NOT void the warranty. L&L kilns are designed for self-service.

What size elements should I order?

We have had several improvements in our element holder designs over the years and have been able to increase the interior size of the holder to accommodate a larger element.

Why is the amperage of a kiln higher than the rating when a kiln is first turned on?

When you first turn on a kiln and the elements are cold the
amperage is higher. Once the elements heat up the resistance changes by

Why do stainless steel threads become jammed on element terminals?

We use stainless steel element terminal bolts.

Do the JH and eQuad-Pro kilns already come with heavier gauge elements in the quad design? If so, do you think the APM upgrade is necessary or will the heavier gauge elements suffice?

Yes - the Quad element system features really large diameter elements and lots of element surface area. The OD of the element is almost 1/2" vs. a more typical 1/3" found in other brands.

Should you replace a K18 power cord?

The power supply cord originally supplied with K18 kilns is only a three-wire cord. The third wire is actually a "neutral" wire, not a ground wire.

I have an old L&L Kiln that I want to sell. What is it worth?

We get asked this question a lot. We don't have any real way of knowing. A kiln, or any possession for that matter, is valued at whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

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