Zone Control

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What to do if the kiln fires slowly?

Incorrect Loading

  1. If your kiln is loaded unevenly it can cause the 3-zone control to slow the kiln down to compensate.
  2. Try evening out the load.

Replacing Power Relay

  1. Unplug kiln.
  2. Remove the control box and the insulation panel.
  3. Remove the wires to the relay.
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Fire Kiln with Cones

  1. On the next firing make up "cone packs" for each thermocouple.
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How to Ensure that Kiln Has Been Programmed Correctly

  1. Make sure you have programmed the kiln properly and it is supposed to be firing.
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How do hold times and heatwork affect my work?

  1. There is an option to add time to the end of the program that appears when you enter a program. Usually, there is no need for more than a few minutes of holding at the end.

Why does my kiln seem like it underfires the pottery?

If your kiln underfires with no error code:

Why does my kiln seem like it overfires the pottery?

The work is overfired but there is no error code. Here are some things to look for:

How to fix E-d or Errd

Note: E- d errors read as "Errd" on controls manufactured before 2006

Kiln DynaTrol Control Error Codes

This is a list of all Error codes for the DynaTrol

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