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Changing Phase on an Easy-Fire Kiln (Video)

Repair & Diagnose Controls and Power
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This video shows how to change the transformer on most L&L automatic kilns

This video shows how to change phase on an L&L Easy-Fire kiln. It will similar on most other L&L kilns with power cords.

What is Branch Fusing and where is it used?

Branch Fusing Included On High Powered Units

  • According to the the National electrical Code electrical equipment needs branch fusing when the total amperage draw is higher than 48 amps.

How to handle power interruptions, blackouts, and bad electrical power grids

In some places the electrical power is very inconsistent with power outages, interruptions, blackouts, voltage spikes, voltage drops, or excessive environmental line noise (such as is caused by lar

Troubleshoot an INF infinite input switch

  1. On an L&L manual kiln with INF switches the indicator pilot light

How to fix PF, E- P, E-P, ErrP Error

  1. The ErrP (PF, E- P, E-P in some older models) comes from a reset of the processor during a firing.

How to fix E-5 or Err 5

Possible Reasons for E-5

E- 5 errors read as "Err5" on controls manufactured before 2006

Ark-Less (Arkless) Conversion Diagram & Instructions

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Diagram of how to wire old L&L Kilns that have at Hart of Oak switch with an Ark-Less switch
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Change the cycle time of the DynaTrol Control

Go to the HIDDEN “Other” MENU

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The temperature in the control is jumping erratically. How do I fix it?

Electrical Noise


  1. Sometimes there is electrical "noise" in your incoming line. This is hard to see (except with an oscilloscope).

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