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What sort of pliers should I have for installing the very thick series elements into my kiln?

The pliers to get for grabbing the wire and bending it around the bolt are called Linesmans Pliers.

How do I know which kilns have element circuits wired in series and which are wired in parallel?

  1. Mostly you just have to remember how each kiln is wired or look at the wire diagram. Usually in series elements the wire is big and fat, and in parallel elements they are thin.

One of my elements failed, should I replace them all or just the one that failed?

  1. Normally it is best to have elements that are all the same age. That way it is easier for the kiln to fire more evenly top to bottom.

How to fix E-1 or Err1

Possible Reasons for E-1 (or Err1)

NOTE: E- 1 errors read as "Err1" on controls manufactured before 2006

How to fix E-d or Errd

Note: E- d errors read as "Errd" on controls manufactured before 2006

Why should I use L&L elements?

  1. Replacement elements made by L&L Kiln Mfg., Inc.

Why don't other manufactures use Ceramic Element Holders?

  1. We invented them.
  2. We have a design patent on them.
  3. They are expensive.
  4. It is one of the great value-added features of L&L kilns.

What is so great about Dyna-Glow Hard Ceramic Element Holders? Do they cost more?

  1. One, your kiln will last much longer. We have seen L&L kilns that are 20 and even 30 years old that look and function like new kilns.
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