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Why is the amperage of a kiln higher than the rating when a kiln is first turned on?

When you first turn on a kiln and the elements are cold the
amperage is higher. Once the elements heat up the resistance changes by

Why do stainless steel threads become jammed on element terminals?

We use stainless steel element terminal bolts.

Do the JH and eQuad-Pro kilns already come with heavier gauge elements in the quad design? If so, do you think the APM upgrade is necessary or will the heavier gauge elements suffice?

Yes - the Quad element system features really large diameter elements and lots of element surface area. The OD of the element is almost 1/2" vs. a more typical 1/3" found in other brands.

There are some small ceramic discs wedged in some of the element holders. Do I fire that way first to keep the elements in place?

  1. The discs are placed in the element holders to keep the elements from coming out during shipment.
  2. it is a good idea to keep them in place during at least the first firing.
  3. Once

What are some of the factors that affect element life?

See this link for an article in Clay Times by Stephen Lewicki, President of L&L Kiln Mfg.

What can I do to promote even kiln firings?


  1. Our DynaTrol automatic control with Dynamic Zone Control is the state of the art way to do this.


What are graded elements and how do they work? Does L&L use them?

  1. Graded elements are one way kiln manufacturers adjust for the natural top to bottom temperature variations in a kiln. 

What's the worst thing that can happen from restarting after an Error Code?

Keep in mind that you run the risk of over-firing if you re-start while the kiln is very close to the final temperature.

What to do if the kiln fires slowly?

Incorrect Loading

  1. If your kiln is loaded unevenly it can cause the 3-zone control to slow the kiln down to compensate.
  2. Try evening out the load.

What do I do if the kiln doesn't heat at all (manual kilns)?

  1. Check many of the same things in the above section on Automatic kilns - power supply, branch fuses, short circuits, cord, etc.

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