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How should my kiln be maintained on a regular basis?


To keep your kiln in top operating condition, we recommend the following minimum housekeeping:

I want to do reduction firing with alcohol drip. Does L&L provide any coating on elements to improve lifetime in such usage?

We don't offer any coatings for elements. There is an ITC coating that some people claim to use with success.

The elements fell out of the holders in my kiln - what should I do?

L&L element holders require no pins so the elements can expand over time on their own without bulging out between pins. However, sometimes elements do fall out of the holders sometimes.

What makes elements melt and sag?

  1. Getting glaze on the element can cause that to happen.
  2. It can also happen sometimes from a combination of things, not involving direct contact with glaze.

How can I tell the difference between elements wired in parallel versus series in my Jupiter, DaVinci, or Doll kiln?

Your Jupiter, DaVinci, or Doll kiln will have its elements either wired in parallel or wired in series.

Can I put a Small Standard Element in an Element Holder designed for a Large Element?

Yes - there is no problem putting a smaller element in a larger holder. Just be careful on the first firing so that the element doesn't come out of the holder while it is still "springy".

Are there different size element holders? Can larger ones be made?

  1. There are different lengths, but other than that they are all the same
  2. No, L&L will not make custom sized element holders except for

I blew up a a piece of ceramic, how do I get glaze out of the wall and off the element?

  1. Dig it out of the wall carefully.
  2. Use safety glasses and a dremel to carefully grind the glaze off the

What size elements should I order?

We have had several improvements in our element holder designs over the years and have been able to increase the interior size of the holder to accommodate a larger element.

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