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Assembling a DaVinci Bell-Lift Kiln (Video)

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How to assembly a DaVinci Bell-Lift Kiln
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A series of three videos shows you how to assemble your DaVinci Bell-Lift Kiln

How do I keep elements from falling out of the element holders in the corner of a kiln?

  1. Sometimes with thick elements, especially in the corner of a DaVinci, Hercules or Easy-Load kiln, the elements will have a tendency to jump out or fall out of the corners. 
  2. We do

The Spring Hinge does not go all the way back. What is wrong?

The hinge piece that attaches to the lid has to "ears". These must go on the outside of the hinge piece that attaches to the body of the kiln. 

How to pack a kiln for moving

  1. Remove the stand and the bottom.
  2. Put the kiln on a firm surface like a skid with a piece of plywood on it and put a 1" piece of styrofoam on the wood.
  3. Then put the kiln with th

What is the purpose of the latch on the new L&L Spring Hinge?

This latch should be closed/used during firing of the kiln. We provide it because the lid is light enough with the spring hinge so that it could rise slightly during firing.

How to reduce tension on the Easy-Lift Spring Hinge

  1. There are two normal tension adjustments for the Easy-Lift Spring Hinge.

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Can you remove the door of an Easy-Load kiln?

For all Easy-Load, Renaissance and Hercules kilns (except the EL3048): With the door all the way open the kiln will go through a 34-1/2" wide door.

Front-Loader Checklist Explanation

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This outlines the reasoning behind some of the questions on the Front-Loader Shipping Checklist
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Also see the Front-Loader Shipping Quote Form for getting a shipping quote.

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