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My kiln is going in a garage/ shed/ covered porch. Do I need the kiln vent?

With air moving through the garage, you will minimize the corrosive effects of clay/ glaze fumes on exposed metal in the garage and on the outside of the kiln.

Why does my kiln corrode so quickly?

Corrosion on a kiln is perfectly normal... mostly because it is a kiln! Hot-to-cold-to-hot environments, plus all the water vapor, not to mention sulfur, fluorine, carbon etc.

Does a small Test Kiln need to be hooked to a Vent System?

  • You should vent a test kiln if your regular kiln is vented.

What are the dimensions of the Vent-Sure wall-mount bracket and fan motor assembly

The motor extends 7" off the wall. Motor dimensions are 8" x 7". Wall plate dimensions are 10" x 8", and the tube through the wall is 4" Diameter x 12" long.

Where are the vent instructions on our new kiln?

The Vent Instructions are in every Instruction Manual for every kiln that could potentially use a vent. They are not packed in the box unless a vent is ordered separately.

Where should I put my kiln?

  1. Your kiln should be in a covered, enclosed space.
  2. Even if you live in a dry location, dew will form on the kiln if it is outside.
  3. A basement or garage is usually a good loca

Do I need a vent?

  1. Kilns have been operated for years without the newer ventilation systems.
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