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What do I do if I still smell something and I am using a Vent-Sure Downdraft kiln vent?

  1. First, all the peepholes must be plugged, the lid adjusted properly, and any other holes into the kiln plugged as well for the vent to work properly.

My kiln is going in a garage/ shed/ covered porch. Do I need the kiln vent?

With air moving through the garage, you will minimize the corrosive effects of clay/ glaze fumes on exposed metal in the garage and on the outside of the kiln.

Why does my kiln corrode so quickly?

Corrosion on a kiln is perfectly normal... mostly because it is a kiln! Hot-to-cold-to-hot environments, plus all the water vapor, not to mention sulfur, fluorine, carbon etc.

Does a small Test Kiln need to be hooked to a Vent System?

  • You should vent a test kiln if your regular kiln is vented.

Where are the vent instructions on our new kiln?

The Vent Instructions are in every Instruction Manual for every kiln that could potentially use a vent. They are not packed in the box unless a vent is ordered separately.

Where should I put my kiln?

  1. Your kiln should be in a covered, enclosed space.
  2. Even if you live in a dry location, dew will form on the kiln if it is outside.
  3. A basement or garage is usually a good loca

Do I need a vent?

  1. Kilns have been operated for years without the newer ventilation systems.
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