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How to vent your kiln if you do not have a downdraft vent like the Vent-Sure?

Although we strongly recomment using the Vent-Sure downdraft vent there are some kilns that do not have them.

Do you need to insulate the ductwork for a Vent-Sure?

The molecules of air (which expand during the heating of the kiln) do not carry many BTUs. The hottest the air gets at the output of the motor is about 140°F.

Can you vent through the roof?

It is fine to go through a roof with the L&L Vent-Sure kiln fumes vent system.

How long does a Vent-Sure downdraft vent last?

The Vent-Sure downdraft kiln vent is pulling not only air but moisture and the products of hot moinsture and the chemicals that are present in the clay.

How to calculate ventilation requirements for removing heat from a kiln room

To calculate how many CFM of air ventilation you need moving through a kiln room

If you are using a hood type vent (like the Vent-a-Kiln) do you need a kiln vent (like the Vent-Sure) also?

You need to vent fumes from the kiln and the room and heat from the room.

How to create an interlock that prevents the kiln from firing unless an external ventilation system in on?

A customer asks if he can interlock his automatic kiln so that it will not fire unless his ventilation system is on. How do you accomplish this?

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