Bartlett 3-Button Control

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Electrical Supply Problems and slow kiln performance

One of the most difficult kiln performance problems to address is a problem with the electrical supply to the kiln.

How to add soak or change temperature to a 3-Button Bartlett Control or Custom Programs in the ONe-Touch Control during a firing

Add Time to Hold Period

Available only during a hold period. This option allows you to add time in 5 minute increments to a hold (soak) period.

How to fix PF, E- P, E-P, ErrP Error

  1. The ErrP (PF, E- P, E-P in some older models) comes from a reset of the processor during a firing.

How do you program a controlled cool down in the DynaTrol or One-Touch control?

A customer asks: I would like to program my kiln to heat to Cone 6 then cool normally to 950°F and then hold for one hour at 950°F and then cool naturally.

How do I fix pinholes and blistering in glazing?

The first thing to check is to make sure you are not putting on too thick a layer of glaze.

How to fix E-5 or Err 5

Possible Reasons for E-5

E- 5 errors read as "Err5" on controls manufactured before 2006

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