Superior Technical Support

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serviceability of l&L kilns

  • L&L kilns are initially designed to be easy to service.
  • Ask kiln repair professionals.
  • Sectional kilns (especially ours, which are so easy to take apart) are easy to fix.
  • The panels can be unplugged by even the most non-technical person and sent to the factory for expert factory service.
  • Our control panels are logically laid out with service in mind and all include hinged covers. No special tools are required to fix L&L kilns.
  • Dyna-Glow element holders make changing elements easier than for any other kiln on the market.
  • The uncompromised details of construction make service a rare issue in the first place.
  • Because of the serviceability of L&L kilns most customers are able to perform their own service.
  • We routinely sell parts for kilns that are 30 to 40 years old.

The best documentation for any kiln available

  • Each kiln comes with an incredibly detailed instruction manual with many pages of excellent and well organized information.
  • We pooled our many years of technical experience to create one of the best troubleshooting guides in the business.
  • We provide a visual parts list with photographs, part numbers, prices and helpful information to reduce confusion when ordering parts.
  • Documentation, instructions and web-based help are continually updated in response to service feedback.
  • This is all available on the web.

Expert Factory Service

Click here for more information.

Team-Based Service

The combined experience at L&L Kilns in kilns, ceramics, electrical engineering and process engineering is unsurpassed. We work as a team to help you get the answers and help you need.