L&L's Announces New Easy-Lift Spring Hinge

L&L Kiln Mfg, Inc. announced today that it has completed the introduction of its fully tested and field proven Easy-Lift spring hinge system for its popular polygonal kilns. This is an evolution of a hinge design that L&L pioneered in 2003 and a further evolution of a design from 1990. 

The new hinge design is stainless steel for corrosion resistance. It is extremely easy to install. It features two powder-coated springs to balance the tension and make for a more even lifting of the kiln lid. The new design makes the lid so light that almost anyone can lift it with just one hand. L&L has preserved the unique feature in its previous spring hinge design that allows the lid to rest far to the back so that it does not obstruct the kiln opening. This is critical for easy loading of the kiln – and a feature that competitive designs do not have. 

Click here to see more about the Easy-Lift hinge.

Click here to see a video of how to install the Easy-Lift spring hinge.