How do you program a controlled cool down in the DynaTrol or One-Touch control?

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How do you program a controlled cool down in the DynaTrol or One-Touch control?

A customer asks: I would like to program my kiln to heat to Cone 6 then cool normally to 950°F and then hold for one hour at 950°F and then cool naturally.

You just need a four segment program in the Vary-Fire in the DynaTro.

  1. First segment heats to around 250°F pretty slowly.
  2. Next segment heats more quickly (400°F per hour) almost to cone 6
  3. Next segment is slower over the last 100°F or so to cone 6
  4. Last segment allows the kiln to cool naturally to 950°F, and then holds it there for an hour

Here is a sequence of keys to hit to enter this program into your DynaTrol:

When it says IDLE, press the following:

  2. 150/ ENTER/ 250/ ENTER/ 0/ ENTER/
  3. 400/ ENTER/ 2100/ ENTER/ 0/ ENTER/
  4. 108/ ENTER/ OTHER/ 6/ ENTER/ 0/ ENTER/
  5. 400/ ENTER/ 950/ ENTER/ 100/ ENTER/ ENTER.

Thats it... This program is called "USER 1". It will stay in the memory until you change it.

The first number on lines 2,3,4,5 are the rates of climbing or cooling. If the ware is really big or thick then these numbers should be lower.

To fire it- when the kiln says IDLE- press the following:


NOTE: You can create a similar program on the One-Touch control using a CUSTOM program.