Production Potter Resource Page

Production potters make their livings with their hands and their kilns. Durability, temperature uniformity, and reliable temperature control are essential to success in firing and maintaining a kiln.


  • Production pottery is hard on kilns
  • Constant loading and unloading can really take its toll on the soft firebrick grooves that typical kilns have
  • That's when you need L&L's hard element holder - they protect the delicate firebrick from loading damage
  • This mean cost savings and, more importantly, less downtime

The Best Warranty

  • L&L kilns feature a three-year warranty
  • L&L has the best warranty in the kiln business
  • Our durability and quality control make this possible

Save money on repairs

  • Repairs are less frequent because of the durable ceramic element holders
  • When they are necessary L&L kilns are specifically designed to make it easy for almost anyone with no prior training in kiln repair to do the job. When you consider that a typical kiln repair person charges $50 to $100 an hour, that can really add up
  • Because you can control your repairs, you control your schedule
  • With Video-based web support, our extensive Knowledgebase, email and phone support, we are here to help

Sophisticated controls

  • The DynaTrol is totally configurable for just about every imaginable firing cycle you can invent. The DynaTrol has Four Easy programs and six programs you can program yourself. Get exactly the effects you need. Everything is there to do something very complicated like growing crystals or something simple like bisquing pots. And yet it is still easy to use.
  • Zone control will ensure evenness of firing, better colors, less chance of warpage. Zone control is critical for densely loaded production loads

Priced competitively

Widest variety of kilns - get the right one for you

  • Look at our new eQuad-Pro kiln for heavy-duty use
  • Look at the DaVinci kilns for firing tiles
  • Look at the Easy-Fire for a great small to medium size professional-grade kiln
  • Look at the the Hercules and Easy-Load kilns for great front-loading kilns

Typical Applications

Craft Ceramics

Low-Fire Ceramics is typically fired below about 2000°F (1100°C).
Cone 5-6 is becoming more and more popular in the ceramic world.


"I make a living out of my five L&L kilns. I really beat them up firing them at least three times a week to cone ten. They take a real beating and keep on going."

We fire all our tiles in 3 commercial L&L DaVinci kilns. For the past 7 years each of the kilns have been fired to cone 9 an average of three times a week. The majority of the tiles are crystalline glazes and the firing programs are complicated and can run up to 15 hours with long soak periods at high temperatures.

Willi Singleton was trained in Japan. He digs his own clay. He wood fires in his own anagama kiln. He bisques in an L&L.

Recommended Kilns

The L&L Flagship Kiln: Six popular Easy-Fire models. Multi-Zone control. Sectional. Easy maintenance. Sizes from 2.5 to 10.2 cubic feet. Most models and voltages are Cone 10.
High Power Production version of Easy-Fire Series with "Quad" element design. Multi-Zone Control. Sectional. Easy Maintenance. Sizes From 6.7 To 10.2 Cubic Feet. Cone 10.
A Special Design Just for Crystalline Glaze. Cone 12. Multi-Zone COntrol. Type S Thermocouples. K25 firebrick. Quad elements.
Small Kiln for Hobby Use and Glaze Testing. One-Touch or DynaTrol program controls. Various voltages and amp ratings.
Affordable front-loading kilns with professional features like an 4-1/2" K25 arched roof, door elements, cooling vent and 5" of multi-layered insulation. Multi-Zone DynaTrol. Cone 10.
Large Heavy-Duty Front-Loading Kilns. Includes 4-1/2" K25 arched roof, door elements, and 5" of multi-layered insulation. Multi-Zone DynaTrol. Cone 10.
Customizable Automatic Zoned Top-Loading Kilns - up to 45" tall. Multi-Zone control. Sectional with plug in control panel. Easy maintenance. Sizes from 2.6 to 17 cubic feet. Most models and voltages are Cone 10.
Large Square and Rectangular Production kilns. Multi-Zone Control. Floor-standing panel. Spring-loaded hinge. Sectional. Easy Maintenance. Sizes From 5 To 34.5 Cubic Feet. Cone 10.
Bell-Lift Production Kilns
100 cubic feet Bell Lift Kilns for Industry. Cone 10.