Order Confirmation and Lead Times for Manufacturing

Confirmation Process

  1. After we enter your order in our system we will fax or email an Order Confirmation for your signed approval. Please review it carefully for shipping details, voltage, items and any special notes.
  2. Once we get a signed copy faxed or emailed back to us we schedule the order in the shop.
  3. Any shipping dates are not guaranteed - it is just approximate based on our schedule that is current when the order is released to the shop.
  4. The time listed below are all subject to change based on prior commitments.
  5. Rush shipments may be available depending on the current schedule. If so they will be subject to the additional charges stated below.

Standard Delivery Times

The following is a list of our current lead times for kilns. These times start after the signed order confirmation is returned to our office and any prepayments are made.

Two to three weeks (normally)

  • Jupiter Automatic Kilns
  • Easy-Fire Kilns
  • Doll/Test Kilns
  • Liberty-Belle Hobby Kilns
  • Fuego Hobby Kilns
  • School-Master Kilns
  • JH Series Crystalline Kilns
  • eQuad-Pro Production Kilns

Four to Six Four weeks (Normally)

  • DaVinci Square/Rectangular Kiln

Six to Eight weeks (Normally)

  • Hercules Front-Loading Kilns
  • Easy-Load Front-Loading Kilns

Ten to Fourteen weeks (Normally)

  • Bell Lift Kilns (any size or type)
  • Jumbo Bell-Lift Kilns