Kiln Wash for Kiln Furniture

L&L High temperature (cone 10) kiln wash is available in one pound and five pound boxes. It is made from a mixture of Silica, Kaolin, and Alumina Hydrate. 

Directions for Use

  • Kiln wash is applied to kiln shelves to protect them from glaze drips.
  • On a washed shelf, drips can be easily removed without gouging or marring the kiln shelf.
  • Mix the kiln wash with water to a thin cream consistency.
  • Apply only one coat at a time. Use a wide paintbrush or utility brush (a 2" - 3" wide, soft bristle brush generally works best).
  • Three individually fired-on coats of kiln wash are preferable. You may fire bisque or unglazed ware for the first two firings, but your shelves will not be completely protected against glaze drips until 3 coats have been applied.
  • Most potters kiln wash only the tops of their kiln shelves. We discourage applying kiln wash to both sides of your shelf, but if you do, carefully check each shelf when loading to prevent kiln wash from flaking off and dropping onto your ware.
  • When you're applying kiln wash to your shelves for the first time, it helps to dampen the top of your shelves with a wet sponge or a water-filled spray bottle first. This makes the kiln wash go on easier and more evenly. If you notice that your kiln wash is flaking off, use a paint scraper (or something similar) to remove any loose bits, then reapply kiln wash.
  • If glaze drips onto your shelf, use the paint scraper to pop the glaze drip off and clean up any loose areas around the area, then dab some more kiln wash in the bare area.

Where not to use

Do NOT put kiln wash on the bottoms of shelves, the bottom of the kiln or the sides of the kiln. Also - be sure to vacuum your kiln out to get loose kiln wash out of the kiln.

Important Caution about Silica

Long term exposure to silica dust could cause lung damage. (Click here for MSDS). Exercise proper caution when mixing the dry powder and when removing it from your shelves. Use a NIOSH approved particulate respirator for dust and use proper ventilation. You can buy these from safety supply houses. (NIOSH_approval #TC-21C-132 is an example).

Video Shows How to Apply

See this video on loading a kiln.

Accessories Details

Accessory SKU Number Price
One Pound Box of Cone 10 Kiln Wash M-G-WASH/01 $4.25