Floor-Standing Panel Away from Kiln (DaVinci)

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Mounted on a stand

  • The control panel on the DaVinci kilns is mounted on a stand that sits on the floor.
  • This sits to the side of the kiln.
  • The kiln sections plug into the control panel with 50 amp high temperature rated power cords.


  • There is an air space between the kiln and the control panel which keeps the panel cool.
  • This design allows you to unplug kiln sections so you can raise or lower the kiln to meet various needs. (Note there are some limitations and issues to be aware of when you do this. See this full description of the "sectional design").
  • The control panel is extremely easy to remove for servicing by the factory. (See this about factory service)

Extra Images

Inside a five circuit DaVinci panel