Export Shipments

Small Parts

  1. We can ship parts by Federal Express, UPS, or by USPS Air Mail (United States Postal Service).
  2. The Customer is responsible for any duties and taxes that may be applied.


  1. Kilns go by various steamship companies or airlines.
  2. Kilns typically ship by ocean freight and get consolidated onto a container by a US shipper.
  3. We will be happy to obtain an air and ocean rate at your request.
  4. Kiln shipments to Mexico and Canada can ship by common carrier.

Shipping Quotes

  1. To get a quote we will need to know the destination port or, in the case of airfreight, an airport.
  2. Also let us know if you want it shipped to the final destination.
  3. It typically takes 3 working days to get a foreign freight quote.

CIF Charges

  1. We can get a quote on CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight) charges from a freight forwarder for shipment to any country.
  2. Typically this includes inland freight from our factory to the shipping port, ocean or airfreight, insurance, paperwork charges and insurance.

Duties and other fees

  1. Import and export licenses, duties, tariffs, etc. are expenses due from the purchaser.
  2. Any import duties and taxes must be paid in the destination country.

Documentation Fees

Any certified documents requested for importing will incur a $75 fee or more per document. An example of this is a Certificate of Origin.


  1. Kilns and parts typically must ship to an importing broker in your country.
  2. We will need a name, phone number, email and address.
  3. L&L is not responsible for shipments held in storage by the broker.

Crating and ISPM-15 Lumber

Generally if the kiln goes in a container our standard packaging will work fine for the smaller kilns. However, for DaVinci kilns and front-loading kilns we may have do do some crating. In some countries this required ISPM-15 lumber which can get quite expensive. If required we will quote this per job.


Click here to get more information on International Commerce Terms (referred to as Incoterms).


Effective Date

October 22, 2010