Diane Emerson has worked with clay for 30 years. Whether teaching in the Pemberton New Jersey School District or pursuing her own artistic endeavors, Diane has always been passionate about what she does. Her work is influenced by her beautiful surroundings - she uses everything from leaves and found objects to make impressions on her tiles. In school she advocates firing to Cone 05 because she can bisque and glaze at the same time. Diane supports the local ceramic community through the organization “Clay in Mind” which provides a juried ceramic show for New Jersey students showcasing the winners at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia. Why L&L? Diane chooses an L&L JD230 because the fully opening lid allows her to easily load her large sculptures and tiles and because the durable ceramic element holders have kept her L&L kiln in like-new condition - even when loading her large pieces. She switched to L&L because of the deterioration of the element channels in her old kiln.