Check Wires & Terminals

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All Cautions


  1. Check wires for deterioration or oxidation.
  2. Replace any that seem brittle or where the wire insulation has deteriorated or fallen off.
  3. Check terminals for oxidation (discoloration).
  4. If you are near salt air or if you notice corrosion on the stainless exterior of the kiln for whatever reason (like certain fumes generated by your work) then do this far more frequently.
  5. Check power connection terminals in the kiln and control box for tightness. Be sure to do this with the power disconnected (unplugged) for the kiln. If these terminal connections get loose heat can be generated (because the electrical resistance gets greater) and this can cause a fire.
  6. Check thermocouple connections for corrosion, tightness and oxidation as well. A bad thermocouple connection can change the accuracy of the temperature reading which could cause an overfiring.