Check For Glaze and Ceramic Chips

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All Cautions


  1. Check element holders and walls for glaze, clay chips or anything that could melt at a high temperature.
  2. If melted clay or glaze comes in contact with an element, a rapid failure could result. The molten material traps the heat radiating from the element and subsequently raises the surface temperature of the wire. The temperature will quickly pass the maximum recommended temperature for the wire and burn it through it.
  3. To clean holders, a good shop vacuum will handle dust and loose crumbs. A very gentle chisel or grinder may help with glaze contamination on element holders, but remember that the elements themselves are quite brittle when they are cool.
  4. Replace the contaminated holder if you can not clean it.
  5. Remove any glaze that has splattered on the firebrick or shelves. (USE SAFETY GLASSES WHEN DOING THIS BECAUSE GLAZE CAN BE LIKE BROKEN GLASS). Vacuum afterward. Note about vacuuming: it is possible to build up a strong static electricity charge when you are vacuuming. If this somehow manages to discharge into the control it can ruin the electronic circuit. Make sure vacuum is grounded and periodically touch some grounded metal surface away from the kiln to discharge the energy.