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How do hold times and heatwork affect my work?

  1. There is an option to add time to the end of the program that appears when you enter a program. Usually, there is no need for more than a few minutes of holding at the end.

Why does my kiln seem like it underfires the pottery?

If your kiln underfires with no error code:

Why does my kiln seem like it overfires the pottery?

The work is overfired but there is no error code. Here are some things to look for:

Does the Bartlett overtemperature control have a reset button like a "normal" overtemperature control?

If the controller is in the limit state (i.e. LMT flashing in the display), you must use the Up Arrow button to raise the Setpoint above the current temperature reading.

Do you make 480 volt kilns?

The following kilns can be ordered with 480 volts:

  1. DaVinci kilns including all Bell-Lift models.
  2. Jupiter 2900 (28" and 29" diameter) models.

Why don't other manufactures use Ceramic Element Holders?

  1. We invented them.
  2. We have a design patent on them.
  3. They are expensive.
  4. It is one of the great value-added features of L&L kilns.

What about firing the kiln at night unattended?

Some people decide they need to fire their kiln unattended. Often this is at night.

Study of 2-1/2" Brick vs 3" Brick for Jupiter Kilns

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This is a study that shows insulating characteristics of 2-1/2" brick vs. 3" brick.
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Not instructions
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BTU Analysis for DaVinci kilns for HVAC Calculations

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How to figure out BTU loading for HVAC systems for DaVinci Kilns
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