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Great experience for a Production Potter with an eQUAD-PRO Kiln

  An email from a customer who replaced 3 thermocouples (at no charge under our pro-rated warranty): Dear L&L – I love my eQuad-Pro kiln. I have two kilns: an older (and larger) Skutt and then my slightly smaller and much newer L&L. They are both wonderful, but one of these days (hopefully years from… Read more »

Unbalanced 3 Phase kilns and why the amperage can be odd

A distributor asks: On 208V 3P, why does the e23S-3 pull 34.6 amps, but the e23T-3 only pulls 27.7 amps? Is that a typo, or does it have something to do with splitting 3 phase over 4 elements? Answer: On an e23T-3 you have three balanced circuits. There is a total of 48 amps being… Read more »

Issues with using a Skutt Envirovent on an L&L Easy-Fire Kiln

A Customer asks: I recently purchased an E28S-3 kiln from Clay King as a replacement for my old Excel kiln. I have a Skutt EnviroVent system (Metal collection cup under the kiln feeds to an exhaust system – has 2 holes in the cup to mix in air from the room). I watched your vent… Read more »

DaVinci Bell Lift Packing

We just shipped a TB3436 Bell-Lift kiln to Kohler this past week. Here it is before it is taken apart: Here it is packed ready for shipment:

Size of Vent Duct for two kilns

We just installed a new L&L kiln (Model e23T-208, Serial # 050916-B-CWK) and L&L Vent-Sure Downdraft Kiln Vent System with the Vent Doubler System so we could also vent our existing Skutt KM1023. My question involves the size of the central duct (which I understand to be the flue that exits the room). If I… Read more »