Category: Special Kilns

Six Special DaVinci kilns for a large industrial customer

After making one DaVinci kiln for a large industrial customer in Connecticut they bought six more. We custom designed the control panels so they could squeeze two control systems into one NEMA1 panel and save space. These photos show the kilns in production at our factory in Swedesboro NJ.

A Super Insulated Special Kiln for Battery Testing

A super insulated kiln ring for a customer who is doing year long testing of liquid metal batteries. 4-1/2″ of brick with 2″ of backup mineral wool on the sides, 6″ of brick on the top and 6″ of brick and 2″ of calcium silicate on the bottom.

Broken brick on a damaged kiln

Here are some photos I saw of a competitor’s kiln while fixing some of Easy-Fire kilns at Penn State. The kiln still works but for how long? Note how the soft K23 firebrick (the same brick all kiln manufacturers use) does not take normal abuse well. That is why L&L invented and uses hard ceramic element… Read more »