Category: Kiln Repairs

Customer Repairs Old Duncan Lid with our Phosphate Cement and Video Help

I just watched (for the second time!) your excellent video regarding the repair of a kiln lid.  Thank you so much for that; it is extremely helpful!  Now I just have to find a source for Greenset 94P.  Do you sell it?  Or can you recommend a supplier?  Thanks for your help! Virginia, Artist. ***************************************************************… Read more »

How to fix a DaVinci Counterbalance Tube

A customer writes: I have an X3227 DaVinci kiln that I bought in 2000.  It has been sitting unused in my studio for about 8 years and I am looking to sell it.  While I was looking it over I noticed that the counterbalance cables were slack and no longer supported the lid.  I also… Read more »

Do new thermocouples need to “broken in”?

I expect to receive delivery tomorrow evening of 3 new thermocouples for my JD-2927-HD kiln (originally purchased in 2007). Should I plan a “run-in” firing, say to Cone 5, when these new thermocouples are installed? (Note: I installed new elements last October and performed a “run-in” firing for the new elements.) — Thomas ************** No… Read more »

Fixing a Fan Motor on the Vent-Sure

Oh My Gosh you guys…I am not able to fire and orders are stacking up!!!  HELP!!!! my fan that was fairly new has just  quit working….. Please help me and tell me what to do I would like to fix it if at all possible. but do need to do it fast… or if that… Read more »

Broken brick on a damaged kiln

Here are some photos I saw of a competitor’s kiln while fixing some of Easy-Fire kilns at Penn State. The kiln still works but for how long? Note how the soft K23 firebrick (the same brick all kiln manufacturers use) does not take normal abuse well. That is why L&L invented and uses hard ceramic element… Read more »