Bell-Lift System for DaVinci Kilns

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DaVinci Bell-Lift Kiln
DaVinci Bell-Lift Kiln

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Why a bell-Lift Kiln?

  • A common complaint concerning top loading ceramic kilns, especially the larger ones, is that it is difficult to load them. This is especially true for larger pieces.
  • In a production pottery environment this labor intensive job can become very expensive over time.
  • Moreover, some people simply aren't capable of doing this strenuous and heavy lifting.
  • Front loading kilns are often desired because they seem to be easier to load. However, it is still a strain to put a heavy piece into the back of a front-loading kiln. Moreover, front loading kilns can be expensive.
  • Shuttle kilns or envelope kilns work well for loading but they are also very expensive.

An affordable solution

  • L&L has designed an ideal solution for this problem.
  • Our Bell-Lift accessory lifts the whole kiln up as a unit exposing the bottom of the kiln for loading from all four sides.

how it works

  • The kiln sections and top are held together as one unit with a metal support frame.
  • This unit is lifted up with a ratcheted hand winch mounted on the external frame.
  • There are manual safety pins that lock the kiln in place when the kiln is fully raised.

Easy installation, inexpensive shipping

  • The whole support frame is made from heavy duty welded parts that are easily assembled on site so that the system can be easily broken down for inexpensive common carrier shipping.
  • It is a two to three person job to assemble the kiln. Only simple tools, like wrenches are required.

Available on

  • Davinci X3200, T3400 kilns and Jumbo 100 cubic foot Bell-Lift kilns

What is the maximum height required in a room?

  • An 18", 27" or 36" high kiln (interior) will be 105" high, and a 45" high kiln will be 123" high. See the General Dimension drawing of the larger Jumbo Bell-Lift kilns or contact the factory for more information.