Arched Roof (Hercules & Easy-Load)

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  • We build a super-strong arch from 4-1/2" thick special arched shaped K25 firebricks (which are stronger than the standard K23 bricks).
  • This is the time-proven way to design a front-loading kiln.
  • You can't prevent a roof in a kiln from cracking but an arched roof will prevent a roof from collapsing.
  • The end result is that these kilns will last years longer than kilns that utilize flat roofs.

Insulation Quality

  • In addition to the 4-1/2" of K25 firebricks an additional 2" of non RCF fiber blanket insulation is used on top of the arch.
  • This makes for an extremely well-insulated top where much of the heat loss is.

Extra Images

Arched Roof (Hercules & Easy-Load)
Arched Roof (Hercules & Easy-Load)